Thursday, May 26, 2011

daydreaming about summer

I have 13 days of work left until SUMMER.
Excited is an under statement.
We have lots of visitors coming this summer. We're going to a couple weddings in Texas!
 I'm nannying for 3 kids this summer which I'm really excited about (4 days a week. no lesson plans. no observations. time at the pool. getting to know some sweet teenagers.... all sounds perfect!)
 And Ryan will keep on keeping on in his second (almost) year of residency.

I've been daydreaming a lot about Summer lately.
bathing suit coverups.
bright nail polish.
being barefoot.
frozen yogurt.
(craving a snow cone so badly, but they don't exist here. if you're in houston, please enjoy one for me. white coconut, light on the syrup. mmmm) 
cold drinks.
no more sunday blues.
eeeeeeeeeee i can't wait.

There are countless things that I love about summer!!

One thing I'm REALLY excited about is lightened-up, summery fresh food.
 salads. grilled veggies. watermelon as a meal (mixed with feta and basil and grape tomatoes of course!) lots of herbs. fruit. veggies, veggies, and fruit. and margaritas. and the pool. wait a second...

cooking light has some great summer meal/side ideas. can't wait to try a lot of them!

convo with 3 of my 5th graders today:
student # 1: so Mrs. Aubuchon, what do you like to do? i mean like what's fun to you? what do you do besides teach?
me: well i like a lot of things... (then i was cut off by student #2)
student #2: she likes to read! right, mrs. aubuchon? you love reading?
me: yes i love reading and i like some other things
all the students: YOU DO? LIKE WHAT?
me (laughing): well like cooking and exercising and being outside and with friends and at the pool and travelling and lots of things :)
them (totally shocked at the idea that i'm a regular human not just a reading teacher): ohhhhhhhhhhh


I'd love to hear about what you're looking forward to doing and/or cooking this summer!!

Happy almost Summer!

Monday, May 16, 2011

my favorite way to eat corn...thanks, Mom!

What you'll need:
5 ears of corn (with all their clothes on..if you know what i mean. corn clothes=husks)
3 big cloves of garlic
about 2 T olive oil
about 1/2 tablespoon of butter
a little salt
a little pepper
a dash of cayenne pepper

What to do:
-Bring a big pot of water to a boil
-put all 5 ears of corn (husks and all) in the pot of boiling water
-boil for about 3 minutes
-remove from boiling water with tongs and place under cold water
-remove husks and cut corn off the cob
-heat olive oil and butter in skillet
-add garlic and corn
-saute for a couple minutes
-season with salt, pepper, and cayenne

it's crunchy and sweet and ohh so good.