Wednesday, February 12, 2014

life update. manly street. lola. more.

hello friends,

lots has been happening in our little family lately. here's a little update.

ryan finished residency in june and is a chief resident this year. that's a junior faculty position where he helps with scheduling and administrative stuff for the residency program when he's not on service, and is the attending when he is on service. it's been a great year for ryan. his co-chief is one of his best guy friends...definitely an additional perk to the job! (i.e.: they golf in the office and lead bus tours for applicants and other ridiculous things)

we rented our beloved little corona house for three and a half years, and during that time fell more and more in love with winston salem and our community here. we decided, with lots of peace, that we want to put down some deeper roots here in winston. we figured it would be a good idea to stop paying rent if we're staying a while. our friends julie and cooper let us know that the house across the street from them was going on the market soon. we weren't thinking we'd be that into it, but decided to go ahead and look. we both loved it right away. ryan likes cozy, tree-house feeling places. i like tons of natural light and outside hangout spots. it was the perfect combination of both. the house was tucked up on a corner lot, front porch, back patio, sunroom, lots of cozy nooks, skylights, great windows, tall ceilings, just perfect. we decided to put an offer on it, and that didn't go so well. so we waited. and waited. and figured it was a done deal and that a more perfect house would come along in due time. i ran over to the "dream house" about every day and would crouch down by the stone wall on the side of the house and pray. i remember one day praying, "lord, i really want this house, but i want you more, so please just help me be content with whatever it is you have for us." that was a freeing prayer to pray (mostly. a little scary too). we looked at other houses in the meantime, but always liked the "dream house" and our rental house about a thousand times more than anything else we saw.  about two and a half months went by. out of the blue ryan got an email from our realtor saying that the sellers of "dream house"countered our offer. we giddily went back and forth a few times. they accepted! and wanted to close in 2 weeks.

717 manly st. (before we painted. now the brown is a purplish-gray color)
we closed a couple days before going to the mountains for thanksgiving. we had the house painted, got new carpet upstairs, installed central air, and did a couple other little things. we moved in mid december. ryan's parents helped us reallllllyyyyy clean! and my mom came to help us get settled.

view from our new front porch the day we closed
on december 20th mom and i drove to florida to pick up our baby lola. yes, my mom does love me and tolerates my bad decisions like driving to florida and back in one day to buy a dog when lola just as well could have been flown to us. that's neither here nor there.
the ride home with lola girl

on december 23rd we flew to texas (with the puppy) to be with family for christmas.

january was a month of settling, waking up at night with lola, getting back into the swing of things with work, and getting used to a new home.

snowy kiss
the "dream house" is our house!! i still can't really get over that. it feels like home now, and is really such a gift.

work is going really well for both of us! i love reading instruction, working one on one with students, and getting to know so many wonderful families. ryan is in the process of figuring out the ins and outs of a job for next year. he's going to sign on with a group to do mostly outpatient pediatrics with a little bit of inpatient. he's also training for the boston marathon. and he turned 30 about a week ago.

happy birthday, ry 

thankful for this season of life, for friends, family, a home, a puppy, work, and so much more.

lots of love,

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  1. Heeeeey! Im glad you have a blog with life updates. Im going to stalk you now! :) Praise the Lord for this season! Im so thankful for you and Ryan and my heart rejoices to know you guys are doing well, have a puppy and are living across the street from your friends!!! how fun! :)
    Diana Huneidi