Monday, September 16, 2013

happy birthday, David!

I absolutely love birthdays. I love to celebrate, whatever the occasion, but birthdays are my very very favorite. It’s one day a year to make a huge deal about someone, to shower a person with love, prayers, and gratitude for their awesomeness. It’s a perfect day for good food, best friends, great drinks…and cake. I haven’t wished one of my favorite people in the world “happy birthday” in 5 years and although this feels vulnerable, and maybe even a little silly, I decided that it’s time to start celebrating him again. Sixteen days before his 23rd birthday we lost our David. Most people who read this blog probably know or know of David, but in case you don’t, David is my mom’s youngest sister’s son.  He is 9 months younger than me making him my “closest in age” cousin, and therefore a built-in best friend. When his parents died, my parents adopted him, so when I was 12 he became my brother.

Dave, you would be 28 today. If I could have it my way, you’d be coming over for dinner. I’d make you spaghetti and homemade meat balls, we’d have a craft beer, and I’d make you a salted chocolate caramel cake (that’s Ryan’s current favorite and you all are so similar it’s scary, so I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’d love it too), and of course you’d make me laugh until I cried. So much has happened since August 30, 2008…you’ve missed out on a ton. I married Ryan and we moved to North Carolina. I finally have a job I like. Carrie went to grad school in New York, bought a house, and is a dean and literacy specialist at a charter school in Houston…and a badass like usual. Layne is married to Mollie and moving to Dallas soon. Christian is about to finish college at A&M (you guys are also so similar!). I’m going to see Papa & Kitsie in a couple weeks. We put an offer on a house. Life is so full of joy. I wish you were a part of it all.

I miss you from my core and still feel disappointed that I don’t get to have it “my way”, but thankfully I can say with a ton of confidence and peace that God is good and that I know Him in a deeper way now than I did 5 years ago.  It comforts me to know that your body and mind are healthy and at peace now. My hope is that you’re celebrating your birthday in heaven today. Hopefully you have a guitar, mountain bike, and Lord of the Rings series up there…and maybe even some chocolate cake.

I love you! Happy 28th Birthday, David!!!!


  1. Dear Kate, yes, yes , yes. I celebrate David as well. I would hope to be invited to his party. As long as we live, let us live with all our might. xx jp

  2. Kate, what a precious way to celebrate David!! I love the photos!! And I love the way you write!! Thank you for sharing with us so we can celebrate David's life, too!! Love, Carol